Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Johnny Appleseed

Drew these apples for a fundies project. We were marked on the five types of tonal areas: Highlight, direct light, main shadow, reflective light and cast shadow.

Got into Animation and Illustration!!! I know I would be happy in either program and feel as though I’m torn between the two. Deep inside I prefer animation to illustration. Originally I came to Sheridan with the dream of getting into animation however am having second thoughts. From what I’ve been told illustration has an amazing coordinator while animations program has a few too many bumps. I’ve also been thinking a lot about job opportunity and have herd that Sheridan accepts too many animators for the business. Once again, this is what I’ve been told however agree somewhat with these statements. Personally I think it all depends on your skill and how bad you really want it. As long as I’m focusing on art in my career I will be happy. Next year I sure am going to miss Art Fundamentals. Fundies is a great fundamental program that taught me something new and important every day. I’ve noticed huge improvements every week within classmates and myself.


Blogger brando said...

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12:32 PM  
Blogger brando said...

Hey Jason, thanks for the comment

Congrats again for getting in... I remember the feeling, it was great, after so many weeks of working your ass off. and you got into illustration too, bonus!

The decision is tough, I was trying to decide between the two myself. Sometimes I did wish I went the illustration route instead, but whatever... I wouldnt worry about things like the state of the program or job outlook, though. First, the many complaints you've heard have probably been from our year, we've had it the worst... but each year below us has gotten better, and now with a new building openning up and having a few years gone through the program, they seem to be on track now. As far as jobs, heh, well, right now there are TONS of animated films being made, but there wasn't a few years ago. The industry is always changing, and it will be different in 4 years when yo graduate as well.

I would bring it down to your preference. Do you like making that one standalone picture? (illustration) Or do you like filmmaking? (animation) You're spending lots of time drawing/painting/doing the art thing regardless...

But yeah, good job! I'll see you next year

12:33 PM  
Anonymous cliff said...

hey jason, it's cliff. dont know if you're remember me.. you asked me about tutoring a while back.

one thing to keep in mind is.. if you graduate from animation you can still get jobs as an illustrator.. whereas if you are an illus grad you wont be able to work in animation as easily...

i would go crazy in illustration because of all the technical drawing they have to do, i guess, but i'm glad i went into animation.

there are 12 animated films coming out in 2006.. compare that to the avg of 2-3 a few years ago. the CG industry is growing, and the 2-D industry is coming back. there will be lots of jobs, so i really wouldn't worry about that. plus.. if you're good, people will hire you, end of question.

have fun in whichever program you choose.. congrats on getting in :)

6:46 PM  
Blogger Nimit Malavia said...

Hey jason, thanks for the comment, but more importantly

CONGRATS on the acceptance, thats awesome man. uve probably been hearing this alot, but enjoy it man its such a good feeling

O man yea that decision is a tough one, but i think u have the rite mind set that it doesnt really matter where u go, its all what u make of it and how much u put into it. But yea sounds like ur getting a qutie a few ppl plugging animation so i might as well throw down for the illlustration town. one thing about the program i can say is that it definately helps u grow and develop the way u think and ur ability to produce work. Like from first glance some aspects may seem a bit techincal, but their just layin down the foundation so that u can be prepared for whatever direction u choose to go. Like it depends what ur passion is, like once ur done ur 1st year u have to make the decision whether u want to do technical or interpretive illustration. And depending upon which way u go theres gonna be different job opportunities waiting for you, but like people r saying if ur good and u work hard youll find your way.
But either way u go im sure ull enjoy it and do well. Congrats on the acceptance and good luck whichever way u choose to go. :)

12:46 PM  
Blogger Robin Hall said...

hey! congrats on getting in! We'll be seeing you next year at the college in the new wing. I love the apples, I can't wait to see what you start posting up next year.

see you in september?


4:41 PM  
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