Sunday, November 12, 2006

Some Life Drawings

Royal Winter Fair Drawings
Conte and new Pastel on News Print.

Life Drawing. 1min & 3min.

Hands & Feet Drawings

Studies of Hands and Feet. Col-Erase(Brown) on Animation Paper
Had to draw these for our First Portfolio... Took a long time!

Say Hello to Dwane and Willy

Okay... So some recent Character design stuff! To be honest Im not too pleased with how these two pieces turned out however I though I would post them for some feedback. I find character design challenging however am very eager to learn. Hopefully I will look back at these drawings at the end of the year and will notice a great improvement.

Skull Study #1

This is a portrait of my roomate joel...
Hah, just playin' this drawing was done for my second drawing portfolio due very soon.

Skull Study #2

Very illustrative drawing done in roughly a couple of hours. Original drawing done using Col-Erase(Brown) on Animation Paper.