Thursday, April 27, 2006

new post :)

This guy's got some nice photography out there. Check him out!

Pastel Apples

Work in Progress.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Johnny Appleseed

Drew these apples for a fundies project. We were marked on the five types of tonal areas: Highlight, direct light, main shadow, reflective light and cast shadow.

Got into Animation and Illustration!!! I know I would be happy in either program and feel as though I’m torn between the two. Deep inside I prefer animation to illustration. Originally I came to Sheridan with the dream of getting into animation however am having second thoughts. From what I’ve been told illustration has an amazing coordinator while animations program has a few too many bumps. I’ve also been thinking a lot about job opportunity and have herd that Sheridan accepts too many animators for the business. Once again, this is what I’ve been told however agree somewhat with these statements. Personally I think it all depends on your skill and how bad you really want it. As long as I’m focusing on art in my career I will be happy. Next year I sure am going to miss Art Fundamentals. Fundies is a great fundamental program that taught me something new and important every day. I’ve noticed huge improvements every week within classmates and myself.